Balance is Power®

StabiliT™ Pro Lite™ Golf Swing Trainer


The StabiliT™ dream began in 2010 to bring you a durable, convenient, and effective training tool. Initially conceived as a baseball and softball training tool, a family friend CHALLENGED us to create a tool to improve his golf swing the way the Three Piece Tee® balance trainer was improving baseball and softball swings throughout Texas, Oklahoma, and Florida. Initially we thought it was not possible because the two swing types - golf and baseball/softball - require nearly opposite weight distribution. But believing "no" and "impossible" are unacceptable answers, we discovered that by re-positioning your stance on top of your swing trainer - that is, turning your feet 180° - the trainer is as effective at improving your golf swing as the Three Piece Tee® trainer improves a baseball/softball swing. Thus was born the StabiliT™ swing trainer - for golf!

Instead of the original "4" version, we modified the height to "2" so that beginners could get a better starting point without any worries of being off balanced. Our shorter version can be used for beginners on up to professionals.

Years of research and development went into the patented design of our swing trainers. Expect only the very best when you improve your balance and game with the StabiliT™ swing trainer.